traditional japan

While you can always try foreign dishes at restaurants that serve international cuisines at home, there is still nothing like quite the experience of tasting traditional food prepared by the locals themselves. Here are some of the best ways to find and enjoy the local dishes when traveling.

1. Make a trip to the food market
Visit one of the biggest food markets in your destination for some authentic local food experience. Take a look at the fruit, vegetables, and artisanal food products you can find. Grab a bite from one of the food stalls you can find in the market or buy some of the in-season fruits that you can enjoy much later when you are back at your hotel.

2. Come prepared
Before you go, take the time to do some research and list down some of the best foods to try at your destination. Update your list as you get around and learn more about the local cuisines.

3. Get recommendations from the locals
Chat with the locals and ask for recommendations on the best places to go for authentic traditional dishes. Or take a walk around the neighborhood and area where you are staying and observe where the locals go.

4. Hit the streets and hole-in-the-wall restaurants
Explore the street food scene and off-the-beaten path places where you can find hole-in-the-wall restaurants and eateries. Opt for locally-owned restaurants than international food chains that serve food you can always have at home.

5. Go on a food tour
Look for reputable local travel companies that offer food tours around the city. Or make a list of the top foodie spots, grab a map, and go on a self-guided culinary tour.

6. Eat home-cooked meals
Download one of the “eat with the locals” apps on your phone and book lunch or dinner with a local host. Eat home-cooked dishes in the comfort of a local’s home and learn more about the place from your host.