One Food, One Country: Traditional Dishes To Try from Around the World

One food that should be on top of your must-eat list when visiting different countries around the world.

Asado – Argentina
Not for vegetarians, Asado refers grilled Argentinean steaks and meats cooked in a unique way. It is a food that is deeply embedded in the country’s culture. A must-try experience.

Dim Sum – Hong Kong
Dim Sum
Hong Kong is a foodie paradise with a wide array of mouthwatering food to try. But if there is one dish you need to have before leaving the city it would be the city’s famous dim sum or different types of steamed buns.

Khachapuri – Georgia
This dish is made with tasty bread filled with delicious cheese or egg in the middle.

Masala Dosa – India
Masala Dosa
Home to one of the most fascinating cuisines in the world, India is teeming with delectable foods to try. Start your culinary adventures in the country with a serving of masala dosa or stuffed dosa. Fillings are made using a variety of ingredients that include rice, potato, and curry leaves among others.

Pizza – Italy
Neapolitan pizza
Picking one food out of the many must-try choices in Italy can be a pain. But if we have to settle for one it would be the country’s world-renowned pizzas. Hunt for the finest in Naples.

Tagine – Morocco
This is a stew dish named after the traditional clay pot where it is cooked. It is often made with meat (chicken or lamb) and vegetables.

Wagashi – Japan
Japan is one of the best places in the world for food explorations and adventures. But with so many delectable dishes to choose from, we have zeroed in on the country’s traditional sweets or wagashi that look like pieces of art. For the ultimate treat, try the Japanese tea ceremony where they serve stunning and delicious traditional Japanese sweets.